"Very professional, caring Staff who show their dedication daily while teaching our grandchildren & children the many activities & lessons in their day ! :)"

Our Staff

Robina Town Child Care Centre in Robina has highly skilled staff fully trained in early childhood care. However, our primary focus is to have only people who actually love being around children. This is very easy to see.

When you come and visit our child care centre in Robina, and we encourage you to do so, you will see for yourself that everyone here has a main goal of creating a loving and happy atmosphere for your child to share with you when he or she comes home.


Miss Letisha

Hello My name is Letisha I moved to the Gold Coast From New Zealand in 2000, I was lucky enough to get a traineeship in Childcare and begin studying for a career in something I had wanted to do since I was a child myself, after completing my certificate 3 I continued to study and obtained my Diploma. In 2005 I joined the team at Robina Town Chid Care Centre as the Assistant Director and studied my advance Diploma, before taking on the role of Director in 2008. I am passionate about Early Childhood education and thoroughly enjoy developing relationships with all our families and love watching the children grow within the centre. I feel extremely lucky to work alongside such a dedicated team of educators and it shows in the relationships between not only staff and children and families but also in the respectful relationships that the staff have for each other as I believe educators are the foundation to a successful centre. Together we strive to provide a stimulating and caring learning environment for each and every child that attends our wonderful centre.

Miss Monique, Senior Kindy Room Leader

Hi there, my name is Monique. I have been at Robina Town Child Care Centre ever since I first started my career in the Early Childhood Industry in 2011. Over the past six years I have had experience with all age groups, in 2013 I went on to complete my Diploma in Children’s Services and now hold the role of the Educational Leader in the Senior Kindy room. I find it very rewarding coming to work each day to be a part of each individual child’s development. I strive to provide a caring and educational environment where each child can feel safe andsecure.

Miss Aimee, Assistant Educator

Hi my name is Aimee, I have lived on the gold coast for over 3 years after moving from New Zealand and have been working at Robina Town Child care Centre since early 2014. I have successfully completed my Diploma in Children’s Services. I find it so rewarding coming to work each day and providing an environment where children feel safe and supported and grow into confident individuals. 


Miss Emily, Junior Kindy Assistant Educator

Hello, My name is Emily I have lived on the Gold Coast for 6years now I began doing work experience at Robina Town Child Care Centre in 2014 while studying my DiplomaI began working in the toddlers room as an assistant before moving into the senior kindy roomin this time I have successfully obtained my Diploma in children’s servicesfrom there , I have been working at Robina town child centre for nearly 2years now and I love coming to work each day and working alongside the other amazing and passionate educators, I love working with children of all ages and get excited on a daily basis coming in to see the children of the centre and watch them grow and learn and feel very privileged to work at such an amazing centre filled with friendly families and staff. 


Miss Debbie, Babies Room Lead Educator (Job Share)

My name is Debbie and I am married with 3 children. I hold my Diploma in Children’s services and have been Robina Town Child care Centre for the past 10 years, during my time here I have helped to bring about a centre that is of a caring, safe and equitable environment where each child can blossom and grow. I wish to continue to aid children in becoming responsible members of our community and in turn giving them the tools to become successful in life and to believe in themselves. 


Miss SarahBabies Room Lead Educator and Assistant Director

Hello my name is Sarah, I started here 9 years ago as a trainee and in that time I have obtained my diploma of children’s services. I have many exciting and rewarding roles within the centre including Assistant Director, Educational Leader as well as being an Educator in our Nursery. Each day I come to work feeling blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful team of co-workers and to be in an environment that allows me to let my passion for caring for others be utilised and encouraged. I encourage Growth, learning and development in a safe and dynamic environment where everyone is valued and allowed to progress at their own pace. 


Miss Rachael, Assistant Educator

Hello my name is Rachael, I grew up on the gold coast, in 2012 a commenced my traineeship at Robina town child care centre I completed that in 2013 and have now completed my Diploma. I am currently the assistant in the baby’s room and I believe each child’s day at child care should be filled with caring support and educational learning in a fun, happy and safe environment to encourage children to grow into unique individuals. 


Miss Nicole, Toddlers Lead Educator

Hello my name is Nicole, I have worked at Robina Town Child Care Centre for the past 10 years, in this time I have successfully obtained my Certificate 3 and Diploma in children’s services, I am currently Lead Educator in the Toddler Room. I am passionate about ensuring that all children reach their fullest potential in their early years and love coming to work each day watching all the children learn and grow.


Miss Yukari, Assistant Educator

Hello, my name is Yukari and I am currently working as an assistant in the Toddlers room.

I moved to the Gold Coast in 2006 from Japan.

I have completed my Diploma of Children's Services in 2009 and science then I have been working in the child care industry.

I believe that learning is happening all the time and is very important step for the children to learn something new. I am very happy to be involved in their learning experience by guiding and supporting them with a fun and loving atmosphere.


Miss Tiana, Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Tiana and I am the kindergarten teacher at Robina Town Childcare Centre. I have a Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education.
I love coming to work each day to assist our kindergarten children to learn, develop and grow into confident and capable individuals.
School readiness is very important to me and I strive to provide each child in my care to be prepared for big school by implementing a child centred program that is differentiated depending on the individual child. Our centres philosophy is the core of kindergarten program as we love, learn and laugh each and every day.

Miss Scheerolee,Kindergarten Assistant Educator

Hi My name is Scheerolee, I moved to the Gold Coast from Sydney when I was 14 and I am currently raising my own son here, I love the life style of the gold coast and I am happy to have found a job as an assistant educator at Robina Town Child Care Centre, where I have now worked for over 7 years. During my time here I have successfully completed my Certificate 3 in Children’s services, I am currently working in the Kindergarten room where my day is filled with laughter and fun, I love watching the children grow emotionally, physically and socially, the children continually surprise me each day with their achievements, while also keeping me on my toes, I seem to learn something new from them each and every day and find I am not only a teacher, but also a student which makes my days exciting and different each and every day. 

Miss Nicola, Assistant Educator (Float)

"Hi, I'm Miss Nicola and I'm an Assistant Educatorat Robina Town Childcare Centre. I'm currently new to the team but have been working in childcare for over 2 years. At the moment I 'float' between different rooms and get to visit and spend time with all the children in the centre while I relieve staff for their lunch breaks and programming time. I have my Certificate III in Children Services and am currently studying towards a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing.I'm a strong believer in early childhood education and giving children the best start in life. I love being a part of children's lives and helping them grow, learn, explore and become their own special person." 

Miss Nicky, Assistant Educator

Hi My Name is Nicky, I can proudly say that I have been a long standing staff member at Robina Town Child Care Centre, starting here in 2006. In 2015 I became a proud mother of my beautiful son. I enjoyed having time off to experience motherhood and to watch my son grow. I have since returned back to work 3 days a week. I hold my certificate 3 in children’s services. I am currently working in the senior end reliving lunch breaks, programming or filling in for anyone who is absent, but I also have experience working in all age groups throughout my time here. I find it very rewarding coming to work each day and assisting the children in our care to become unique and confident individuals.